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Postage By Phone To Purchase Power Pre Pay

From November 2018, date to be confirmed, Pitney Bowes will migrate customers using the Postage by Phone system to Purchase Power Pre Pay. This will give customers flexibility when adding postage to their franking machine as well as making payments easier to track. The benefits include:

- An easy to understand, itemised monthly invoice.

- Advance email notifications prior to Direct Debit payment for postage.

- An automated over-limit facility instead of an advance.


+ Invoices & Statements

Clients will receive an invoice on a monthly basis.

The Invoice breaks down the items each month, so it is easy to reconcile for accounting purposes.

There is a summary section at the top of the invoice which is easy to understand.

+ Direct Debit Instruction

If a client pays by Direct Debit, the Direct Debit will change automatically. No action required by the client.

+ Direct Debit Payments

For each Direct Debit an email notification will be sent when the customer account balance is below the level they have agreed to hold.

Direct Debit collection date will be a minimum of 4 days after the email notification.

There could be multiple Direct Debits taken throughout the month based on account activity.

Variable only

Any payments received from a client will be itemised on the invoice within the monthly cycle they relate too.

Late Fees

If a Direct Debit payment is returned or cancelled and the client goes into an arrears situation, the client will incur late payment fees. Late fees are fixed at £25 plus interest charged at 19.90% APR from the date of the original transaction.

+ Non-Direct Debit Payments

A Client will be need to prepay for the postage needs, failure to do so may result in Clients being unable to download postage funds to their meter. The standard payment terms are 25 days.

Late Fees

In the event that Pitney Bowes grants the client a postage advance and they fail to pay an invoice within the 25 day terms the client will incur late payment fees, a late fee of £25 plus an interest charge of 19.90% APR from the date of the original transaction.

+ Remaining Funds In Postage By Phone Account

Any remaining funds in your Postage by Phone account will transfer to the Purchase Power Pre Pay.

+ Over-Limit Facilitys

An automated over-limit facility will be added to your account. The over-limit amount is calculated based on your current agreed pre-paid balance.

Over-limit fees are 3% on the amount overdrawn. When a client resets whilst they are over-limit they will be charged the 3% fee.

Over-limit fees will be added to the invoice.

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