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Ascom Hasler


Who are Hasler?

Hasler, also referred to as Ascom Hasler, was a well-known Switzerland company, mainly recognised in North America and the UK. They manufactured cost effective mailing systems and mail support systems for many business’s needs. Since they began in 1923, over 85 years ago, they had been engineering high quality mailing systems to suit the needs of their customers. They had started to manufacturer their products in Switzerland, and ever since they have managed to expand around the globe, recognised as Ascom Hasler or Ascom Group.

Where were Hasler located

They were headquartered in Berne, Switzerland, but they had factories around the world in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan and Australia.

Where are Hasler located now?

In 2002, Neopost acquired and took over Ascom Hasler for about 359 million Euros and they merged companies. Once Neopost had taken them over, they were expected to dominate the European market, and it was predicted that Neopost would increase its revenue by 33% in the first year of the merge. In 2012, Neopost announced that any Ascom-Hasler machine would no longer be supported by Neopost’s technical support after 31st December 2012.

Neopost now sell many franking machine products around the world, but Hasler products are no longer maintained or supported by Neopost. If you are looking for a low cost alternative, we offer customers franking machines at a very low price.

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