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Scales support for the Mailcoms Mailstart franking machines. Below you will be able to find a range of scales support for these franking machines. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailstart Scales Support

Used in conjunction with your Mailstart franking machine, the weighing scale will weigh and calculate the correct rate and value for items up to 2kg. Setting of values for franking is automatic. When postal rates change, your machine may be updated by installing a Rate Card which can be obtained from your franking machine supplier.

Weighing Scale Connection

1. Ensure that the weighing scale platform is clear of any obstruction.

2. Connect the weighing scale to the socket at the back of the machine.

3. The red light will then start flashing at the front of the weighing scale.

4. Go to "Ready" mode.

5. Press the scale button. The last Mail Rate selected will be displayed.

6. If "NO SCALE!" is displayed, check the scale connection and start again.

How to calculate the correct postage

1. Using the blue keys scroll (< >) to required Postage Rate, e.g. 2nd Class. Note: If the displayed weight is greater than 0g, with nothing on the scale, the scale must be set to zero.

2. To Zero the scale, press the scale button and select "OK".

3. Place the item to be weighed on the scale, the weight and postage will be displayed.

4. Press "OK" to confirm or Press "C" to return to the "Ready" mode with your previous postage value selected.

To weigh further items repeat the procedure.

Tare Function

1. Place an empty container on the platform.

2. Press: the scale button and select "OK", zero weight will now be displayed.

3. Place the filled container on the platform. The weight now displayed will be that of the contents of the container.

4. To return to normal use, clear the scale platform and press to zero the scale.

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