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Common Errors

Common errors support for the Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine. Below you will be able to find a range of common errors for this franking machine. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailstart Plus (+) Common Errors Support

Error Code: DE00

The Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine occasionally show an Error Code DE00. Below you will be able to find out what this means and how to potentially resolve the issue. See if we can help you below.

Products affected: Mailstart Plus.

Error Message

Your franking machine will show the error message: General Task Exception Error

What it means

This is a general connection error. It can occur when you are trying to connect with the Data Centre. It could be caused by any of these conditions:

1. The Data Centre is not set up to communicate with your franking machine.

2. There is some other type of network problem.

3. If using PC Meter Connect, it might not be connected or isn't working properly.


To resolve this issue, these are some of the things to consider:

1. Is this your first postage refill? If so, contact Mailcoms to make sure your franking machine is linked to your postage account.

2. There may be a network communication problem. Check your modem, router and other network connections.

3. Have you reached your credit limit? Do you have funds available to download?

4. If using PC Meter Connect software, make sure you have the most current version. Check to see if your USB cable is connected. If you want to try an analogue line instead of PC Meter Connect, make sure the USB cable is disconnected BEFORE you reboot your system.

5. Reboot your system. If this fails, perform a complete shutdown of the machine and reboot your system after three minutes.

Error Code: 1811 / Gateway Error

The Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine may occasionally show an Error Code 1811, also known as a gateway error. Below you will be able to find out what this means and how to potentially resolve the issue. See if we can help you below.

Error 1811/Gateway Error

If you are getting a problem with you machine connecting and are getting error 1811 or Gateway error (this can vary with different error codes). Please follow the steps below.

• Remove the power cables from both the Mailcoms communication device and the Franking machine.

• Wait ten seconds to ensure that the power is completely off.

• Put the power cable back into the communication device first. It's important you do this first as we need the communication device to establish an internet connection before we power up the machine.

• Wait another ten seconds.

• Put power cable back into the franking machine and wait for the machine to initialise.

• Once the machine has initialised please re-test your connection.

If the above steps do not work, repeat the steps above a further 2 times.

If you are still having issues after retrying then you will need to contact your IT department to ensure your internet system is not preventing the machine from connecting.

No Dial Tone

If you get a no dial tone message this means your machine is not connecting to the internet.

This means your machine is reverting back to an analogue connection which your machine has not got the ability to use.

To solve this problem please follow all the steps listed in the bullet points in the section above.

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