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Data Capture

Data capture support for the Mailcoms Mailbase Lite / Mailbase / Mailbase Pro franking machines. Below you will be able to find a range of data capture support for these franking machines. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailbase Lite / Mailbase / Mailbase Pro Data Capture Support

1. Once a month your meter has to connect to the data centre. This is to make sure that the data used by your machine is downloaded and sent to Royal Mail for their information. Current postal rates are stored into the meter. Please use your ordinary connection to do so.

2. When the connection is due the display says "Connection required Connect (Yes/No)". To connect to the data centre, confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

3. Note: At the beginning of the month most of the franking machines are updated. This may cause delays in the dial-up. Should this take more than 10 minutes, please turn the meter off at the power lead and re-insert later. The meter will now start automatically and return to display message "Connection required Connect (Yes/No)".

4. Confirm by pressing Enter/Yes.

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