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Envelope Messaging

Envelope messaging support for the Frama Ecomail franking machine. Below you will be able to find a range of envelope messaging support for this franking machine. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Ecomail Envelope Messaging Support

Using the Ad Cliché Loading Box

Up to eight different advertising slogans / logos can be stored on the Ecomail franking machine using a special Ad Cliché Loading Box. To program cliché pictures in a loading box, please contact your franking machine supplier. Cliché pictures can be copied from a loading box to a franking machine as follows:

1. Switch off the franking machine using the mains switch.

2. Connect the loading box to the 25-pole interface.

3. Switch on the franking machine.

• The copy procedure runs ("Test Box" -> "Copy Box").

• The start mask for the account number entry is displayed.

4. Switch off the franking machine mains switch.

5. Remove the loading box.

IMPORTANT: If more than eight ad clichés are required, then two loading boxes (e.g. each with eight clichés) can be used. However, only the clichés of one box can be stored in the franking machine at any one time (each box overwrites the previous cliché memory).

Changing the Ad Cliché

Up to eight ad clichés can be permanently stored in the Ecomail franking machine. The ad cliché needed for franking can be activated as follows:

1.Press the "Change Cliché button.

• Display of the first four clichés stored.

2. To display further clichés, press the "Next Page" button.

3. Touch the desired ad cliché and confirm by pressing the "OK" button.

• Returns to the working menu.

• The selected and activated ad cliché is displayed with its number (e.g. "AD 3").

Switch Ad Clichés on / off

Where permitted, the advertising cliché can be switched off as follows:

1. Press the "ADVERT. 2" button (2, for example, stands for an ad cliché number).

• Advertising message is switched off.

• "OFF" appears instead of "2".

2. Press the "ADVERT. OFF" button.

• Advertising message is switched on again.

• "2" appears instead of "OFF".

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