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Mailstart 2 Common Errors Support

Cleaning the Mail Path for the Mailstart 2

Cleaning the Mail Path for the Mailstart 2 is important to keeping the machine in tip top condition. Use the guides below to learn how to clean the mail path for the Mailstart 2 franking machine models.

Cleaning the Brushes and Sponge (Moistener)

To clean the brushes and sponge of the feed table moistener:

1. Remove the moistener assembly from the table.

2. Raise the brush.

3. Lift the metal sponge retainer to remove the sponge.

4. Clean the sponge and the brush.

5. Reinstall the sponge and retainer.

6. Put the brush back.

7. Put the moistener back into place.

Cleaning the Mail Path Sensors

To clean the mail path sensors:

1. Use a damp cloth or 70° alcohol on a cotton applicator.

2. Allow the parts to dry and close all covers and assemblies.

Filling the Moistener

To add water to the moistener.

1. Remove the moistener from the table.

2. Fill the moistener with water up to the limit marks.

3. Put the moistener back into place.

Making a Payment Online with the Mailstart 2

Occasionally you will want to make a payment on the Mailcoms Mailstart 2 franking machines. Below you will be able to find out how to make a payment online with the Mailstart 2 franking machines.

Making a Payment Online

1. Simply click on this link and follow the online instructions: https://myneopost.co.uk/make-payment/

2. You will require your Postage Account Number and Installation Number. Contact your franking machine supplier if you are unaware of these details.

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