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Mailhub Memory Functions Support

Frequently used print combinations may be pre-programmed as a memory function, five preset memory slots are available for selection.

Saving a Memory Function

1. Setup your preferred print combination, then press and hold the M key for approximately 5 seconds until the a memory save screen is observed.

2. Select the Job Memory in which you wish to save your programme and press “SAVE” to confirm.

3. If you wish to rename a memory location highlight it using the arrow keys then press “EDIT”. A memory name screen will be observed.

4. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the character to be defined.

• These keys can be held for fast scrolling.

• The “NEXT” key is used to confirm selection and move the cursor to the next character.

• To delete a character press the C button.

• To enter a number in the Memory Name use the numeric keypad.

• To return to the previous screen with the Memory Name unchanged press the C button.

5. To confirm your entry press “OK”.

6. This operation will overwrite the previous memory name. To return to Ready Mode press “ESC.

Recalling a Memory Function

1. From Ready Mode, press and release the M key to display the MEMORY RECALL screen.

2. Using the arrow keys or the appropriate numerical key, move the cursor to make your memory recall selection.

3. To confirm your selection, press “OK”.

4. To return to Ready Mode press “ESC”.

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