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DM60 Installation Support

How to Install a DM60 Franking Machine

Watch this video to learn how to install a DM60 franking machine.

Follow these steps to install a DM60 franking machine:

1. Unpack your cables and equipment and turn the franking machine around so that you are looking at the back of the machine.

2. Connect the scale to the machine by placing it on top of the machine and connecting the cable to its corresponding port.

3. Connect the communication device to the machine by connecting the USB to its corresponding port on the back of the machine and plugging the LAN and the power supply into the device.

4. Connect the power into the back of the machine.

5. Once the cables are connected, power up the franking machine and communication device by into any available plug socket.

6. Connect your Ethernet LAN cable to a LAN port or connect to your broadband router.

7. Once your machine is connected to the internet, you may be prompted for an update. If so please select Yes and follow the on screen promtps.

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