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Blue Franking Ink

Blue Franking Ink

Smart Franking Machines Blue Ink

Together Mailcoms and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a SMART franking machine to franking with blue ink instead of the current red ink. This is happening following the successful tests on blue ink which demonstrated an improvement in mail machine readability.

Mailcoms and Royal Mail are keen to utilise this advancement alongside the latest technology in franking – SMART franking machines, to support our joint drive to maximise efficiency of dealing with your all your mail. The good news is that Mailcoms is one of only two Independent Authorised Franking Machine Inspectors and Maintainers who are approved to supply red and blue ink.

Royal Mail’s approval, means that they’ve tested our ink thoroughly and using our ink therefore means you can be sure that their systems will recognise and sort your mail efficiently whether it’s letters, Special Delivery, packets or International that you are sending.

Confirmation of our approval and more details regarding this can be found on the Royal Mail website at http://www.royalmail.com/discounts-payment/franking/faqs-new-and-existing-customers.

If you are unsure if your machine is a SMART franking machine that is compliant with printing in blue then see our latest information at https://www.mailcoms.co.uk/smart-franking-machines-smart-compliant-machines-models.

This change will be undertaken in a transitional approach so no panic necessary. We currently have Royal Mail approved blue ink in stock for most models and can ship next day.

If you need blue ink for your franking machine Click Here for our wide range of products.