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Royal Mail Keepsafe Prices 2015

The Royal Mail Keepsafe Prices for 2015. This service will keep your mail safe when you go away and avoid getting a pile of mail on your door step. This service will ensure that you receive a carefree break away from home, without the worry of your mail building up. Royal Mail will keep hold of your mail for up to 66 days.

Also see our Postage Rates 2015 Chart.

Royal Mail Keepsafe Prices 2015

Keepsafe Personal
Up to 17 days£13.10
Up to 24 days£18.40
Up to 31 days£23.10
Up to 66 days£43.40
Keepsafe Business
Number of Keepsafe per ApplicationPrice

Prices are exempt from VAT.

View a complete list of the Royal Mail Postage Rates 2015 here.

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