Reasons to use a Franking Machine

Reasons to use a Franking Machine

Many UK businesses are now franking there mail with a franking machine but there are still many that are not. For this reason Mailcoms are here to give you reasons to use a franking machine in the hope that your business will now benefit from franking mail. Some of the benefits of franking mail over stamping mail include lower franking prices, added convenience and a faster process.

Reasons to use a Franking Machine

Earlier in 2014 the stamp and frank prices rose but this was not all bad for franking machine users. This blog is here to inform you of the reasons to use a franking machine and the benefits that can be gained.

Royal Mail Franking Prices

Franking machines users will receive savings on every mail item franked. As well as these savings businesses can format their mail to be read and validated by Royal Mail’s automated sorting technology, entitling you to a massive 34% discount. These discounts are only accessible via a franking machine.

Manage Postage Online

Franking machine users can enjoy the benefit of a free online account to analyse postal spending by each department. By using this feature you can ensure that you are in full control of your postage expenditure and monitor all expenses.

No more Queuing

A franking machine allows you to frank mail in the comfort of your own office building. You can top up this machine any time of the day via online re-crediting. This means that you will never again have to travel to the Post Office and queue for your stamps. This adds to the comfort of franking.

Free Promotion

Most modern franking machines will allow users to transform out going mail into promotions and adverts. This means that you can personalise your mail by franking a company logo, advert or message on all mail. All of this can be done for FREE and it can help increase your brand awareness and your professional image.

Never Over or Under Pay for your Mail

When you frank mail you can weigh each individual item. Most modern franking machines come with a weighing scale as standard and using this will result in accurate and correct postage being applied every time. This means that you will never over or under pay for a mail item again being very beneficial.

Get a Franking Machine Quote

Now that you have read through the reasons to use a franking machine you may wish to start franking your mail and benefit from doing so. If this is the case then you can receive some franking machine quotes here today.