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Postal Scales – By Mailcoms

Postal Scales

Postal Scales

PE3 Postal Scale

Here at Mailcoms, we can not only supply you with a range of franking machines, franking machine supplies and folding inserting machines, but we can also supply you with a range of digital postal scales for your business. Whether you need a 3 Kg or 5 Kg digital postal scales, Mailcoms can suit your needs.

We can supply you with three different types of digital postal scales for your business, and they are all very beneficial to have in your office. A standard postal scale is built into or connected to a franking machine, and they usually allow you to weigh up to 2.5 Kg or more. However some customers prefer to weigh mail separately on a separate digital postal scale for peace of mind.

By owning a digital postal scale, whether it is separate or with your franking machine, they help give you peace of mind that you have accurately weighed and priced your mail items, helping to ensure you have not over or under paid for a mail item. If you do under pay, it can cause you to pay extra charges, and our digital postal scales will eliminate the risk of this occurring.

Postal Scales Benefits

By using a digital postal scale your business can gain many benefits that will aid you greatly. Some of the benefits include:

  • Never over or under pay for a mail item again!
  • Fit into any office with ease!
  • All Royal Mail & Parcel Force prices are installed!
  • Postal Scales are Pricing In Proportion Compatible!
  • Easy to use for everyone!

Our Postal Scales

We can supply you with either a NEW or a USED digital postal scale for your business, and we guarantee that they will work perfectly for your business or your money back. Use the links below to view our complete range of 3 Kg and 5 Kg digital postal scales.

View our complete range of digital Postal Scales here.

If you would like a quote for a franking machine, then view our franking machines here.

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