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Postage Meter

Postage Meter

A postage Meter is a device used to apply evidence on postage or on a franked piece of mail. A postage meter is regulated by a country’s postal authority, for example in the UK, the Royal Mail specifies the rules for the creation, support and usage of all postage meters in the country.

It basically functions as a stamp, as it prints the amount the post costs to send.

It also prints a cancellation (this prevents the stamp from being re-used) and a dated postmark (this is the date and time of delivery) as well on the mail. The postage stamp from the meter is proof of payment and eliminates the need for stamps.

What is a postage Meter

A postage meter is basically another term used to describe a franking machine. There are three different types of postage meters and they are:

  • Mechanical, manual and rotary-print head meters
  • Digital meters
  • Internet-and stamp based meters

Mechanical, manual and rotary-print head meters works by taking your post to a post office and getting it stamped by an official. Digital meters works the same way as a franking machine works. Finally, Internet and stamp based meters works the same way PayPal and Ebay works.

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