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Pitney Bowes Rebrand – By Mailcoms

Recently in 2015, Pitney Bowes have started to begin the Pitney Bowes rebrand of their image. To do so they have hired FutureBrand and DigitasLBi to help improve the business image of Pitney Bowes. This is in the hope that it will show companies that it is more than just a mailing and shipping service business.

Pitney Bowes Rebrand

Pitney Bowes Rebrand

The image above will show you what the new Pitney Bowes Logo looks like. This logo is the third design in the entire history of Pitney Bowes. The design and the colour scheme used is now the brand new look of Pitney Bowes.

As stated, the new design of Pitney Bowes is the third in their long 95 year history. By looking at the image below you will see their previous logos that have been designed. The first logo appeared in 1930, the second logo appeared in 1971 and lasted until 2015, and now a brand new identity for Pitney Bowes has been revealed.

Pitney Bowes Rebrand

According to Chief Executive Marc Lautenback, the Pitney Bowes rebrand was to reflect the heritage of the company whilst emphasising the new services that they can provide.

Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

The Pitney Bowes rebrand is nearly complete, and with this they can offer a wide range of franking machines. Find out more about Pitney Bowes franking machines in detail by using the various links below.

If you would like a franking machine quote similar to any of the Pitney Bowes franking machines above, then view our range of franking machines here.

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