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Social Media! Mailcoms now on board full time

Mailcoms are on Social Media

Social media is a massive part of communicating with clients and customers nowadays. That’s why mailcoms are happy to say that we are giving you guys access to ask us any questions you want on twitter, facebook, google plus or linked in. Probably best to keep them franking related. We are franking experts not wikipedia.

Mailcoms twitter

Personally we prefer google plus and twitter as it lets us share, help and talk to you guys directly! We will still help you guys out where we can on facebook.

At mailcoms we are constantly trying to provide the best customer support we possibly can so why not stretch that out to social media so we can assist Immediately.

Mailcoms facebook

Feel free to tweet or message us about anything such as things that are concerning you, funny news, franking questions, drop us a review, inquire about products or ask us about general stuff.

If you guys have any comments just head on over to our Facebook, twitter or Google plus page and then you can get a hold of us and we will get back to you.

We will also be offering special discounts and giveaways on the social media sites so follow us to make sure you don’t miss out.

We have had out accounts for a while but are only just jumping head in.

Mailcoms Social Media Google+

We hope to speak to you guys soon on the sites.

Choose one of the icons, on the right and follow us on Your choice of Social Media Site.

iIf you don’t use social media don’t worry were still here for emails and calls

Mailcoms email     01543 572776

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