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Mailcoms Mailbase Speed Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Mailcoms Mailbase Speed

The Mailcoms Mailbase Speed Franking Machine

Mid Volume Franking Machine (Speed of up to 95 franks per minute)

The Mailcoms Mailbase Speed franking machine is one of our most popular mid volume machines that is fully capable of franking up to 500 mail items a day for your business. The Mailbase Speed comes with the most recent franking machine technology integrated into the machine. This includes both Smart Meter and Mailmark technology, meaning your business can benefit fully with this great franking machine.

The Mailcoms Mailbase Speed also comes with a entire range of franking machine features. This includes a integrated choice of weighing scales (5KG, 7KG, 12KG or 35KG weighing scales available), up to 300 departmental accounts and up to 5 job presets for your most common franking jobs. Your franking impressions will always be clean and sharp with the Mailbase Speed machine, and so you should make the most of this incredible franking machine today.

If you would like to find out even more about the Mailcoms Mailbase Speed franking machine, please view our Mailbase Speed Brochure and our Mailbase Speed Web Page here.

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Mailcoms Mailbase Speed Specifications

Speed: Up to 95 letters per minute
Daily Amount: Up to 500 items per day
Feeder: Fully Automatic
Scale: Use a 5KG, 7KG, 12KG or 35KG weighing scales
Max. Envelope Thickness: 9.5mm
Connection Method: LAN or Telephone Line Connection
Envelope size: DL, C5 & C4
Job Memories: Up to 5
Departmental Accounts: Up to 300, 100 standard
Smart Meter Enabled: Yes
Mailmark Compliant: Yes
PIN Protection: Yes
Dimensions: Length: 840mm, Height: 315mm, Depth: 435mm, Weight: 13KG

Mailcoms Mailbase Speed Running Costs

Ink: £79.95 for around 11,000 prints
Franking Labels: £16.95 for 1000
Envelopes: £29.95 for 250

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