BRAND NEW Mailbase Lite Franking Machine Page!

BRAND NEW Mailbase Lite Franking Machine Page!Recently, Mailcoms have been developing our Mailbase Lite Franking Machine page to make it user friendly and easier to get a franking machine quote. Now, we have finally released the new webpage for you to view and use more easily. View the Mailbase Lite Franking Machine Page here.

What the Mailbase Lite Franking Machine Page Includes!

The new Mailbase Lite web page will show you more clear information about the franking machine. This information includes easier comparisons of the machine, a useful video about the machine and key details you need to know before buying the machine. As well as this, you will be able to receive a quicker franking machine quote for the Mailbase Lite franking machine by filling in the easier, online form.

More to Come!

We have now released the new Mailbase Lite Franking Machine Page for you to access today, and we are going to develop and release more improved franking machine pages soon, making it easier for users to navigate and use. We will soon release new web pages for the Mailbase, Mailbase Plus, Mailbase Speed, Mailcentre and more, so stay tuned to see our new and improved franking machine webpages over the next couple of weeks.

Did you know?

You can now get FREE PROOF OF DELIVERY with every Royal Mail 1st Class & 2nd Class parcel and packets sent with Mailcoms’ latest franking machine range.

Mailsend Lite Parcel Franking Machine
Mailsend Plus Franking Machine