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How Much Does a Stamp Cost? – By Mailcoms

How Much Does a Stamp Cost?

How Much Does a Stamp Cost? This is a very common question that anyone in the UK may ask. Whether you send mail on a regular basis, or if you send mail every now an then, you will always wonder how much a stamp will cost you. The answer however will vary depending on your mail size & weight. As well as this, every year the price of a stamp will change.

What is a Stamp?

How Much Does a Stamp CostA stamp is used as the traditional method of sending mail in the UK. When mail items are processed through the mail system, a stamp, or any other form of payment method such as a frank, is checked as a means of payment. When a stamp is brought, it must be applied to the mail item clearly.

In more recent times, the method of buying a stamp has changed. Instead of buying stamps for certain mail items, such as a letter or parcel, you can now buy a stamp according to its size as well.

Stamp Cost Historry

Before the decimal system was in place in the UK, a standard stamp cost would be 5d. In 1971, the price of a first class stamp would be 3p, and it wasn’t until 1979 when this rose to 10p. The price of a stamp has rose constantly since then, until its current price of 62p per first class stamp in 2014.

The standard letter and large letter system of pricing came into effect in 2006. When this occurred, a first class standard stamp was 32p. But when the new system took effect, a large letter stamp cost 44p.

However the biggest price rise happened in the last few years when a first class stamp in 2010 would have cost you 41p, but this rose to 60p in 2012, just two years later.

Stamp Costs in 2014

In the UK, the stamp cost changes nearly every year, in 2013 the first class stamp was 60p and this rose to 62p in 2014. Similarly, a second class stamp would have cost 50p in 2013, and this rose to 53p in 2014. If you wish to view all of the stamp prices for 2014, view the links below.

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