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Mailbase Franking Machine Offer – Christmas 2013

Mailbase Franking Machine offer – Christmas 2013 

Mailcoms are happy to bring you another great Christmas Offer!

The Mailbase Franking Machine Offer is now available allowing savings of over 60%!

During the sale over Christmas, get a Franking machine offer. You can buy the extremely popular Mailbase. This is available for 60% off, therefore saving you over £500. This machine is the UK’s most popular, Low Volume, Franking Machine.Franking Machine Offer | Mailbase - Christmas 2013 It has sold thousands, so you know it does the perfect job!

This Franking Machine includes 25 separate user accounts, or an upgrade version is available for up to 100 separate accounts per machine. The Mailbase also comes with an in-built 2.5KG scale, or an upgrade version for a 5KG scale is also available. There is also a Pin Number access code available, which will enable your business to decide who can and who cannot use the Franking machine.

This very popular Franking Machine comes with free Logo and Return Address Printing, and with automatic date changes. As well as this, the Mailbase comes with full VAT reporting and also with speeds of up to 30 Frank’s per minute. This is the perfect Franking Machine for your business this Christmas!

To read more about this great Christmas offer visit our franking machine page or click here for the sub landing page. Offer only available till the start of 2014! So hurry and get it before were out of stock.

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