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Franking Machine Manufacturers

Franking Machine Manufacturers

There are many franking machine manufacturers in the UK and gloablly. Franking Machine Manufacturers may not neccesarily sell there franking machines but might have branches to sell them on instead.

Top 5 Most Popular Franking Machine Manufacturers


Mailcoms are the newest contentor to the current franking machine manufacturers and have shown renowned skill in getting great franking machines. Mailcoms franking machines are some of the most popular in the UK. Dome of our most popular franking machines are the mailbase lite, the mailbase pro, the mailcentre and the mailbase speed.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes was created in 1920 and have expanded across the globe ever since, now established in over 100 countries. Pitney Bowes main priority is to provide leading communication technology to customers and to manufacture the best quality franking machines. They are the makers of the well known franking machines such as the Connect+ 2000 and the DM300c.


Neopost are a one of the leading suppliers in mailroom supplies in the UK and around the world. They have expanded since it began in 1924, and are now established in over 90 countries, serving about 800,000 customers. They are products are reliable supplies for mailroom solutions. They build well known franking machines such as the IS280 and the IS480.

Francotyp postalia (FP Mailing)

Francotyp Postalia began in 1923 in Germany, and have established themselves in several different countries around the world. They have HQ’s in the UK, the USA, France, Singapore and many more. They create well known franking machines such as the Mymail and T1000.


Frama AG began in 1970 in Switzerland and have kept on expanding around the world. They came to the UK in 1990 and have established with there reliable franking machines and franking supplies. They are established in over 15 countries. They are the makers of the well known franking machines such as the Ecomail and Matrix F6.

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