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Franking Machine Benefits – Guide By Mailcoms

Franking Machine Benefits

A franking machine can be used by almost anyone. This is one of the many franking machine benefits that your business can gain by owning a franking machine. One of the main reasons a franking machine is used over traditional stamps is because of the benefits they bring to a business. No matter what volume franking machine you own, whether it is a low, mid or high volume franking machine, you can still reap the franking machine benefits.

Many of the franking machine benefits that your business will gain from owning a franking machine include:

  • Pricing Advantages – you will pay less for a frank than you would a stamp, saving your business money over time. The Royal Mail dictate the Franking Postage Costs for 2014, and you will receive the low franking costs set by them. View the Royal Mail 2014 Franking Price List here.
  • Easy Access to Franking Prices – you will get the correct postage every time as you simply dial the correct postage and frank. This means that you will not run the risk of over or under paying for a frank as you do a stamp.
  • Everyone Can Use One – a franking machine has easy to use, one touch buttons and on screen help guides to help you through the franking process. This enables all members of staff to use a franking machine quickly and easily.
  • Convenience – franking mail is much more convenient for everyone in your business compared to stamping mail. When stamping mail, you have to take a long process to get a stamp and then apply it. With a franking machine, a franking impression will take less than a minute to do and the franking machine is in walking distance. This makes franking mail far more convenient to use.
  • Saves Your Business Time – the franking process is a much faster process compared to the stamping process. This will therefore save time for your business, allowing staff to be more productive elsewhere in the business.
  • More Professional Image – a franking impression can make your mail look more professional in the eyes of your customers. This means that your brand image will improve, and this can help attract customers to your business.
  • Saves Your Business Money – as you receive lower franking prices, your business will save a lot of money overtime. You will save 11p when sending one 100g letter and overtime, the amount of money saved will accumulate, and you will reap the benefit of a franking machine.
  • You Can Advertise Your Mail – many franking machines allow you to advertise on your mail items, which means you can advertise your products. This will then be more attractive to readers and intrigue them before opening their mail.
  • Record Expenditure – a franking machine allows you to keep track of the postage expenditure in many departments across a business. This allows you to keep on top of your postage expenditure for all departments in a business. This will help control your postage costs.

All of the above franking machine benefits will be gained with the perfect franking machine for your business. The benefits gained from a franking machine can also be extended with a Mailmark Franking Machine. Find out more at Franking Mailmark.

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