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Franking Machine Advantages – Guide by Mailcoms

Franking Machine Advantages

Many businesses in the world use a franking machine to frank and send their mail. Whether the mail load is small, medium or large, any business can use a franking machine, and reap the benefits of them. There are many franking machine advantages that can be gained when having and using a franking machine for your business. The franking machine advantages that you will receive include the following:

  • Pricing Advantages – when using a franking machine, you will pay less money than a stamp, saving you a lot of money over time. As well as this, you will receive the same postage rates as set by Royal mail, and to see how much you will save, Click Here.
  • Time Saving – it is far quicker to frank mail than to stamp mail. This means that you will save loads of time when using a franking machine compared to stamps. This means workers can be more productive else where in the business.
  • Money Saving – you will save a lot of money when using a franking machine. For example to frank 1st class mail, it will cost you 47p, whereas it will cost 60p to stamp, saving you 13p. Over time this will accumulate, saving your business money.
  • More Convenient – it is far more convenient for everyone to frank mail than to stamp mail. This is because the franking machine is in your working office, you do not need to go out of your way and buy stamps from a Post Office. This makes it more convenient for everyone in a business to use.
  • Immediate access to a whole range of products – when you use a franking machine, you will have access to other products, such as VAT applied services, postal rate updates and software updates for free.
  • Strengthen your brand image – you can make your mail look more eye catching to the audience by either advertising or putting a company logo on your mail. This means that you will intrigue the reader before they open the mail.
  • Quick & Easy To Use – a franking machine has inbuilt instructions to help users use the franking machine. As well as this, there are easy to use one touch buttons, making the franking machine far more easier and quicker to user than stamps.

These franking machine advantages will be gained when you use a franking machine and they will all contribute to helping your business improve and gain customers. Therefore a franking machine is very useful to all business.

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