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Franking Labels | Self Adhesive Franking Machine Labels

Franking labels are very useful franking machine supplies that franking machine users can benefit from using. Also known as postage labels, our range of franking machine labels are made of high quality, are self adhesive and are guaranteed to run in your franking machine. This will eliminate any risk of label jams in your feeding system.

  • Double Sheet Franking Labels
  • Single Sheet Franking Labels

Uses and Types of Franking Labels

Franking labels can be used for mail items that are simply too large to be franked. Your current franking machine can only frank items that are below a certain thickness and so some mail items cannot be processed. This means that businesses require franking labels so that they can benefit from all franking prices and benefits.

Depending on the franking machine that you use, the type of franking machine labels that you use will differ. Some models can process double sheet labels, some models can process single sheet labels and some models can process franking label rolls. It would be best to contact your supplier to find out what labels are best for your machine.

Mailcoms Range of Franking Machine Labels

To ensure that your business gets the most out of your franking machine, you will need to use franking machine labels and the correct type. Mailcoms can offer you a massive range of self adhesive labels that can be used for a range of mail items and franking machine models. They are made of high quality, bright white paper.

Use the various links below to view our range of franking machine labels for your franking machine.

Franking Machine Labels Prices

We can supply you with many franking machine labels, all of which are offered at a low price. View our franking label prices below.

  • 1000 Double Sheet Universal Franking Labels: £16.95
  • 500 Double Sheet Universal Franking Labels: £9.95
  • 200 Double Sheet Universal Franking Labels: £4.95
  • 1000 Single Franking Labels: £16.95
  • 1000 LONG Single Franking Labels: £17.95
  • Label Rolls: £39.95 – £49.95 (depending on machine)

View our complete range of franking labels here.

View our range of franking machines here and receive instant quotes for a franking machine model.

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