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Frama Franking

Frama Franking

Frama Franking | AG were established in 1970 in Switzerland and this is where they manufacture all of their products. Frama have been established in the UK since 1990, and have been expanding nationwide across the UK. They are not just a nationwide company, but they sell and manufacture their products worldwide as well.

Frama Offices

They have offices set in several countries which include: Austria, Belgium, South Africa, France, India, UK, Switzerland and Sweden.

Frama Franking Manufacturers

Frama manufacture franking machines across the world. They offer customers 8 different franking machines of which to buy. They offer a wide range of machines, from the small volume machines to the larger volume machines. They also suit the needs of all businesses no matter what size you are. Below is a list of all the franking machines that Frama sell at the moment.

Frama Franking Machines

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