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Frama Franking Machines

Frama Franking Machines

Frama AG began manufacturing and selling Frama franking machines in 1970, and have been expanding globally ever since. What began in Lauperswil, Switzerland in 1970 is now a major manufacturer in the franking machine market. Now, 44 years later, Frama distribute their mail communication products and services to over 50 countries. These include the UK, the USA, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa, Germany and more.

There are many Frama franking machines that you can buy for your business. They vary from low volume machines, such as the Ecomail, to high volume machines, such as the Matrix F6, therefore meeting the needs of all business. Please view the entire range of Frama franking machines and Frama franking machine supplies that Mailcoms have to offer below.

Frama Franking Machine

Frama Franking Machine Supplies

Here at Mailcoms we sell our own franking machines at a very low and competitive price, Click Here to view our range of franking machines.

If you require any more franking machine supplies for any franking machine, then please Click Here to View our range of franking machine supplies.

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