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FP Mailing Postage Machines

FP Mailing are one of the largest suppliers of mail room equipment supplies in the world, with an installed base of over 230,000 units. FP Mailing postage machines are known for being reliable and suitable for all businesses, and this is why they can supply their own range of machines.

The most recent range of FP Mailing postage machines all come fitted with Mailmark, giving users even more extras and benefits when franking. There most recent range ranges from their low volume Postbase Qi3 to their high volume Centormail.

FP Mailing Postage Machines

FP Mailing Postage Machines

FP Mailing supply a wide range of postage machines, and their most current range ranges from entry level models to heavy duty models. We can offer you the most recent information about these machines by using the links below. You can also receive a quote for any of the postage machines by using the various links below.

All of the franking machines above are the most up to date FP Mailing postage machines. They are all supplied and manufactured by FP Mailing and can give you access to a range of extras and benefits, including Mailmark.

About FP Mailing

FP Mailing Postage Machines

FP Mailing are also known as Francotyp Postalia and they are a Berlin based postage machine supplier. They have a worldwide market share of 10% and they supply their goods to over 40 countries. These countries include: Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Canada, Sweden and Singapore.

FP Mailing do not only focus on providing their own range of postage machines but they also offer other services that can aid your mail room. These services and products include: folder inserters, consumables, letter openers and more.

Here at Mailcoms we can offer you our own range of reliable and robust postage machines. We can help save you money on both machines and consumables. CLICK HERE for a low cost quote.

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