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FP Mailing Franking Machines

FP Mailing Franking Machines

FP Mailing are one of the largest franking machine manufacturers in the world and they can supply you with a wide range of FP Mailing franking machines. Also known as Francotyp Postalia, FP Mailing have been supplying products since they began in 1923. Francotyp Postalia was founded in 1983 but the Francotyp Postalia Group have been in business for nearly 90 years.

FP Mailings’ headquarters is based in Birkenwerder, Germany, with other factories located in many countries around the world. This includes the USA, the UK, Singapore, Austria, Italy and Sweden.

FP Mailing not only supply franking machines but they also offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions. This includes products such as folding inserting machines, postal scales, consumables, document exchange and mailing software.

Range of FP Mailing Franking Machines

There are currently a wide range of FP Mailing franking machines available. Their most recent range of franking machines on offer can be seen below. Use the various links to find out more about that FP Mailing franking machine.

Older Range of FP Mailing Franking Machines

FP Mailing have supplied many franking machines over the years and some are still being used today. Some of their older range of machines frank in red ink and do not use Mailmark technology. These models can still be used as blue ink is the main colour used to frank. View some of the older range of FP Mailing franking machines below.

  • FP Mailing Optimail Franking Machine
  • FP Mailing T1000 Franking Machine
  • FP Mailing Optimail 25 / 30 / 35 Franking Machine
  • FP Mailing Ultimail 60 / 65 / 90 / 95 Franking Machine
  • FP Mailing Jetmail Franking Machine

If your business is still using one of the above models then you may wish to invest in a new and more updated franker. View our range of franking machines here and receive quick franking machine quotes for a similar model.

FP Mailing Franking Machine Supplies

Purchasing new and original ink cartridges directly from FP Mailing can become expensive for your business. There are many cheaper alternatives currently available on the market that can save you money. However it can become difficult finding a reliable supplier.

Luckily for you Mailcoms can offer a wide range of Royal Mail Approved ink and various other supplies for many FP Mailing franking machines. We can supply both compatible and remanufactured supplies for many models. All our supplies are guaranteed to work in your FP Mailing franking machine. View our range of FP Mailing franking machine supplies here.

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