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First Class Postage Rates 2013 – last notice

First Class Postage Rates

First Class Postage Rates for 2013

First Class Postage Rate of Stamped mail and Franked mail can vary on multiple things.

Below is a table displaying stamped mail and franked mail postage prices, for first class 2013

First Class Postage Rates 2013

FormatWieghtStamps / SmartstampFranking MachineMoney Saved
Large Letter101-250g£1.20£1.0020p
Small Parcel0-1kg£3.00£2.6535p
Medium Parcel0-1kg£5.65£4.8085p
<< First Class Postage Rates Above

The Table above shows the First Class postage Rates for 2013. To keep up to date with the postage Rates, and be immediately aware keep an eye on the below link

Postage Rates for 2014 *coming soon

To check out just the second class rates please click here.

To Compare both class rates please visit this page

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