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FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark Franking Machine

If you are a growing business, or a business that are aspiring to grow, the FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark franking machine is one option that you could take. Coming with the latest franking technologies and all of the most recent postal regulations, this machine will ensure any business can frank mail cleanly and precisely every time.

FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark Franking Machine

FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark Franking Machine

The Postbase Ten franking machine is a new model released by FP Mailing. It adds to their current range of Postbase franking machines and comes with similar features. An integrated weighing scale will help ensure accurate payments always occur and the latest smart meter will help give you access to all VAT services.

As well as this, the FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark franking machine comes with a fully automatic feeding system that is recommended to process up to 500 items of mail per day. A top speed of 110 letters per minute can be reached and mail will always be weighed accurately, eliminating errors.

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Mailmark Technology

Mailmark technology is a new piece of franking technology released by Royal Mail, replacing the current franking impression with a 2D barcode. This piece of technology comes as standard with the FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark franking machine, allowing businesses to benefit further from franking mail. Find out more about Mailmark technology here.

Further Details for the FP Mailing Postbase Ten

View the latest details and up to date features that the FP Mailing Postbase Ten Mailmark franking machine possesses below.

– Franking Speed: 90 or 110 letters per minute

– Feeder: Fully automatic

– Maximum Thickness: 10mm

– Weighing Platform(s): Yes, 5 to 7 Kg Options

– Job Memories: Yes

– Departmental Accounts: 100 or 250 available

– Advertising Messages: 30

– PIN security (Except with Navigator which uses password security): Yes

– Self Adhesive Label Dispenser: Yes

– Letter Catcher: Yes

– NavigatorBasic*: Yes

– NavigatorPlus* (Cost account management): Optional

– MailReport One* (Cost account management): Optional

– High Volume Envelope Stacker: Optional

– Letter Sealer: Optional

– Automatic High Speed Letter Feeder: Optional

– High Capacity Letter Stacking: Optional

– Dynamic Weighing System: Optional

– Highspeed-LAN + Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity: Optional

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