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MailStream Pro Folding Inserting Machine

Up to 3,000 cycles per hour

Mailstream Pro Folding Inserting Machine

Take your mailing efficiency to a whole new level

• Watch your mailings step up a gear. The Mailstream Pro folds and inserts your material up to 25 times faster than by hand. Now your staff can focus on more productive work.

• Get mail out faster. The Mailstream Pro can handle 3,000 documents an hour so it’s ideal if you send out regular promotional mailings.

• Easy set-up and visual prompts.

Anyone can walk up to the DI380 and use it straight away – without special training.

• Higher Productivity.

When you’re sending out larger mailings, the Mailstream Pro can run non-stop in linked-feeding mode. This allows higher-volume, single-sheet mailings to be fed from both sheet feeders. They automatically change over when one runs out.

• Reliability built in.

The lowest fault-rate in its class of inserters means you can rely on the Mailstream Pro to keep working time after time, mailing after mailing processing up to 15 pieces per minute, mailings go out faster and more often.

Easy to use – even for new users

The Mailstream Pro is simple-to-use on the outside – with a big brain on the inside. That means no need for dedicated operators, or time-consuming training. The Mailstream Pro can remember your most frequent mailings, allowing each department or user to call up their own mailing at the touch of a button.

• LCD Command Centre gives visual and text prompts to guide job set-up.

• Automatic adjustment for fold settings, sheet feeder and envelope separation make the DI380 simple to use.

• Optional detachable touch screen allows you to operate the inserter from your desk, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Versatile solution for invoices, statements or direct mail catering for variable length documents with OMR.

Features / Benefits:

  • Eliminates costly preprinted forms – the OMR ready-to-go templates or automatic importing, reformatting and sorting capability make nearly every job hassle-free.
  • Stops manual folding – manual feed on daily mail mode processes up to six pages stapled or unstapled.
  • Saves time – up to 20 common jobs can be programmed and held in the memory.
  • Improves cash flow – invoices that are sent out faster bring cash back sooner.
  • Prevents costly errors – built-in double-detection on all feeders.
  • Trial piece required on start of every job to ensure the setup meets requirement.
  • 14 language choices for the display ensures ease-of-use for a diverse workforce.
  • Optional Power Stacker allows you to load and unload materials whilst the machine is running, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Optional interface provides seamless processing from folding and inserting to franking and delivery.

Mailstream Pro In Detail:

System Dimensions

Length: 773mm

Depth: 568mm

Height: 525mm

Weight: 55kgElectrical  230V, 50Hz, 3A

Sheet Feeders

Minimum material size: 127 wide x 127mm long

Maximum material size: 229 wide x 406mm long

Minimum material weight: 60g/m2

Maximum material weight: 120g/m2

Insert Insert Feeders

Minimum material size: 127 wide x 82mm long

Maximum material size: 230 wide x 152mm long

Minimum material weight:  72g/m2 (unfolded material) 60g/m2 (folded material)

Maximum material weight: 180g/m2 (single sheet)

Envelopes Feeders

Minimum material size: 220 wide x 88mm deep

Maximum material size: 242 wide x 164mm deep

Minimum material weight: 65g/m2

Maximum material weight: 100g/m2

Folding Capacity

Maximum: 4 sheets of 80 gsm

Maximum: foldable single sheet: 120 gsm


Speed: up to 3000 envelopes per hour

Volume: up to 10,000 envelopes per month

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