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MailStream Lite Folding Inserting Machine

Up to 900 cycles per hour

Mailstream Lite Folding Inserting Machine

The Mailstream Lite Folding & Inserting System is easy to use and compact enough to fit in even the smallest office. Take it out of the box, plug it in and the display panel will guide you through the set up. Within minutes you’re ready to process your mail. No more time wasted manually folding, just put your materials in their trays and push the button. It’s that simple.

Promotional inserts or reply envelopes can be added to mailings very easily. This is an effective and cost effective step towards expanding your business.

Automate the folding, inserting and sealing of all your mail

Save time – processing up to 15 pieces per minute, mailings go out faster and more often.

Easier – no more hard work, just put your materials in their trays and push the button. It’s that simple.

Convenient – the manual feeder makes it easy for everyone to process their everyday mail.

An investment that pays for itself

Improved Productivity – eliminates manual labour.

Enhanced Customer Relations – keep in touch by sending more correspondence, more often.

It is easy to use and small enough to fit anywhere

Out of the box and ready to use – plug it in and the display panel guides you through the set up, within minutes you are ready to process your mail.

So Quiet it can even be used in an open office environment

Manage and market your business more effectively

Manage Cash Flow – speeding up the processing of invoices, estimates, correspondence and direct mail can have a dramatic effect on the cash flow and overall success of your business.

Drive Sales with frequent promotions – maximise the value of your mail by adding direct marketing pieces, or create a more professional customer offering through more frequent and targeted communications.

Enhance your image – your mail will always be properly folded and sealed, giving you a more professional image with your customers.

Security of the document at all stages.

Mailstream Lite In Detail:

System Dimensions

Length: 530mm, Width: 440mm, Height: 365mm & Weight: 40kg


A4: 210 x 297 mm

Width: 142 to 226 mm

Weight: 75 to 90 gsm

Feeder Capacity: 80 sheets (80 gsm)

Insert Feeder (inc. A5)

Insert feeder (inc. A5)

Paper height: 86 to 114 mm

Width: 127 to 225 mm

Weight: 80 – 250 gsm (inserts)  70 – 90 gsm

Capacity: 100 (BREs)  200 (inserts)

Envelopes (inc. DL & C5)

Height: 110 to 121 mm, Width: 225 to 235 mm, Weight: 70 to 100 gsm & Feeder Capacity: 50

Folding Capacity

Maximum: 4 sheets of 80 gsm

Maximum: foldable single sheet: 120 gsm


Speed: up to 900 envelopes per hour

Volume: up to 1,000 envelopes per month

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