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MailStream Extra (DI425) Folding Inserting Machine

Up to 3,500 cycles per hour

Mailstream Extra (DI425) Folding Inserting Machine

The Mailstream Extra (DI425) Inserting System has options allowing you to reload while the machine is in operation. You can also store up to 20 pre-programmable jobs.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) capabilities are also available to ensure customers receive the correct documents. Optional integration with a Mailbase™ franking machine (Could we have a link through to the franking machine?) allows for the mail to be assembled and postage to be applied in one seamless process.

The Mailstream Extra (DI425) Inserting System can save your business time and money. Read about its features and specifications in the Mailstream Extra (DI425) Inserting System brochure.

  • Versatile Solution for invoices, statements and direct mail with the capability to handle variable length documents with OMR facility eliminates costly pre-printed form and ready-to-go templates, automatic importing/reformatting and with sorting capabilities you have everything you need to make jobs simpler and more effective.
  • Eliminates manual folding – on daily mail mode you can process up to six pages, stapled or unstapled, by manually feeding them.
  • Saves time – up to 20 common jobs can be pre-programmed.
  • Speeds cash flow – invoices that are sent out faster bring cash sooner.
  • Prevents costly errors – built-in double-detection on all feeders with an auto stop, clear deck and auto page separation, ensures integrity
  • Trial piece required on start of every job to ensure the setup meets your requirement.
  • 14 language choices ensure ease-of-use for a diverse workforce.
  • Optional Power Stacker allows you to load and unload whilst the machine is running, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

MailStream Extra (DI425) In Detail:

Speed: 3,500 cycles per hour

Fold Options: Single fold, Letter “C” fold, Accordion “Z” fold, Double fold

Media Sizes: Min:127mm(W)x127mm(H) Max:229mm(W)x406mm(H)

Media Thickness: 60gsm-120gsm

Envelope Feeder Capacity: Up to 300 envelopes

No of Sheet Feeders: 2

Sheet Feeder Capacity: Up to 325 Sheets

No of Insert Feeders: 1

Insert Feeder Capacity: Up to 300 inserts

Booklet Feeder: N/A

Job Presets: 20

Integrity Mode Options: Optional

Output Options: Vertical Power Stacker

Size: 1044mm(W)x568mm(D)x525mm(H)

Weight: 55kg

Electrical: 230VAC, 50Hz, 3A

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